Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Fest 2018 | Expedition L.A.

This week we’re back in Disneyland for the 2018 Food and Wine Festival, which is still going on at California Adventure. In addition to the Food & Wine Festival, which is only at California Adventure, the entire resort is celebrating Easter. In either park as well as Downtown Disney, you can participate in an Easter Egg hunt. There are various locations throughout both parks that you can purchase a map, that comes with a set of stickers. The map tells you the general area that you can find an egg, which are about 2-3 feet in size. Once you locate the eggs, you place the sticker that matches the egg on the map. After you find all of the eggs you can redeem your map for a prize, or depending on which store you purchased your map in you can get your prize upfront. The prize is an Easter Egg that looks like a Disney character, in total I believe there were 12 options. The first year I can remember the resort doing an Easter Egg hunt it was only in California Adventure and the prizes were much better. It used to be a key chain of decent quality.

Back to the Food & Wine Festival, this year as you heard on the podcast, the overall theme was California and each booth celebrated a different cuisine that’s found in California. We didn’t get to visit every booth, but we enjoyed everything we tried at the booths we did visit. Some of the highlights include jalapeno pop mac & cheese, the bahn mi and popcorn lemonade. The popcorn lemonade has been getting VERY mixed reviews, but we liked it. It’s exactly what it sounds like, lemonade that tastes like popcorn mixed with tequila. We’ll be going back again in a week or two to try more of the items and we’ll update the blog with our reviews of the new items.


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