Tony’s Darts Away and Halloween Town in Downtown Burbank, CA | Expedition L.A.

Hey guys, it’s been awhile! Sorry for the delay in posting again, but we recently moved and most of our time has been occupied with that. This weekend we went to Downtown Burbank for our adventures. One of our favorite bars is there, plus it’s a cool area with a lot of unique stores. Our first stop was Tony’s Darts Away, which is a craft beer bar with delicious food. This place is known for having a wide selection of vegan and non vegan food. This trip we just had a snack (the pretzels) but I’ve had the bahn mi several times, the disco fries once and one or two of the sausages and haven’t been disappointed. The selection of craft beer is also astounding and all from California. After a few beers we decided to head a little ways down the street to Halloween Town, which is a year round Halloween themed store. We’ve been there a few times and Rick always finds something to buy there. Right across the street from Halloween Town is Yummy Cupcakes, which definitely lives up to the name. We didn’t take advantage of it this time, but Porto’s Bakery is also on the same street, which is a big deal among LA natives. To learn more about our trip, check out our podcast!

Episode 7 – Tony’s Darts Away and Halloween Town in Downtown Burbank, CA | Expedition L.A.


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